Born in Rome she studied Fashion Design in ABAV "Scuola Superiore della Moda” and has been active in product design development activities since 1998, nowadays she is living in Portugal where she lecture in Textiles Technologies for Short-term Trainings at Magestil-Escola de Moda de Lisboa. 

She has been designing dresses worn by stars like the TV Show Presenter Sofia Fernandes from Portugal, having also an international career considering her presence in São Paulo and also by integrating the team of the Radio Experience Fashion Lab Africa. 

Since 2009 she has been working as Product Developer, Manager and Designer for private labels, also assisting clients from the Portuguese-speaking Africa and from Brazil, at Mário Batista L.da.

Her very special and unique talent for sketching also deserves highlight, and among her work she has been developing the “Charmy shirts to collect”.

Francesca Marzilli

Fashion Expert and Designer


"I am more focused on brightening the valu of the persn I am dressing"


Dezembro de 2017